Want to know more about where Bryce stands and what people in Irwin, Tift, Turner and Worth counties can expect from Bryce Johnson as District Attorney?

Justice for Victims

Swift, sure prosecution of violent crimes and repeat offenders, seeking appropriate prison time to protect our homes and families.

Common Sense Justice

Prison time for those who deal drugs and prey off the addictions of others; prioritize prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for addicted offenders and those with mental illness.

No Justice Delayed

Support law enforcement and victims by working to try cases swiftly, thereby reducing the number of people in jail awaiting trial and alleviating overcrowding in our jails.

Citizen Connection

Build stronger relationships between citizens of this circuit and the justice system. Ensure all citizens see the DA's office as open, transparent and accessible.

Safe Schools for every Student

Work with law enforcement to prevent violence and rid our schools of gangs. Maintain a multi-disciplinary approach to preparedness for a local school emergency.

Safe Streets Initiative

Work with local, state and federal law enforcement to identify and eradicate organized gang activity in our communities.